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Concrete Acid Washing/Staining

If you would like to freshen up how your walk way or patio looks, but don’t think epoxy is the way to go, Concrete Acid Washing is definitely an excellent choice to go with. All of our work comes with a 5 year guaranteed warranty, at no extra cost!

The Process to Concrete acid staining is very similar to the Epoxy floor coating from a prep work perspective.
-We will begin by power washing the concrete, and using various degreasers to remove any prior stains. This is important to do because grease and oil will prevent the acid from adhering. We scrub at any problem areas with additional degreaser to completely remove the oil.

-When the floor is dry again, we will then use an orbital sander to remove any imperfections to the smooth surface. When the floor has been sanded down, we will wash off the surface again before masking the edges of the concrete with tape, before applying the first coat of stain.

-The stain is applied with a pump sprayer, as well as various brushes and brooms to get an even application of the stain on the floor. We then allow the stain to dry, and complete this process until the desired shade of stain has been reached.

-Once the stain has sat for at least 8 hours, we will neutralize the acid with a combination of ammonia and water so that it will no longer react with the concrete. After the mixture has been applied, we remove any residue with a broom, followed by rinsing the surface with a hose.

-The concrete will need to sit for another few hours while it dries off, and then we will be able to apply the clear coat sealer, which will protect the floor from any future spills you may have on the floor, while letting the natural color of the acid stain shine bright.

If you want to freshen up how your patio or walkways look by giving it the classic appearance that only Concrete Acid Staining can bring about, give us a call today at (480) 721-0749!

Home and Business Painting!

Not only will a well applied coat of paint help to protect your home or business from natures elements, but it will also make it look like a brand new building, with a fresh and unique look to it! We take pride in being able to properly protect your home or business, as well as giving it that personalized look that you can be proud to see every day.

-First, we trench the building where possible by pulling back the rocks that are pushed up against the building. This allows us to paint all of the way down to the buildings foundation, ensuring a clean and consistent paint line when we move back the rocks upon completion.

-Next, we power wash the entire home or business to any remove dirt, flaking or chipping paint, and “chalking”. Chalking is the powdery residue left behind when UV rays from the Sun break down the paint. Oil based paints typically chalk more than water based paints, and we at the Hubb Co. use water based paints. Washing the house properly will help to slow down the natural flaking and chalking process going forward, and will help the paint to get a nice and secure adhesion to the building.

-After your home or business is washed and clean, we make minor repairs to Stucco and Dry Wall. We are very honest in the repairs we are able to make and every repair will make sure that the painting will look great upon completion!

-We at The Hubb Co. scrape and sand all wooden surfaces, areas with remaining chipping or flaking paint after being power washed, and any surfaces rough to the touch. Other than “Rough Cut Wood”, which naturally is always going to have a texture to it.

-Following the sanding process, we spot prime any bare areas of stucco, drywall or wood. On the foundation, we use a certain paint which helps to protect and waterproof the base of the home by creating a latex barrier between the home and any dirt or water.

– Next, we mask and remove fixtures.

-Once the house is properly masked and clean, we finally get to spray and apply your choice of paint and colors!

-We also perform daily progress inspections to help walk you through the transformation going on. We love answering questions, so during the walk through, please ask as many as you can!

If your home or business could use a little bit of freshening up, give The Hubb Co. a call today (480) 721-0749!

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating is an excellent addition to any high traffic areas, and places where you may be working on cars or other machinery. Epoxy coating creates a very strong and durable layer on top on the concrete, and when applied right can last for years.

-First we want to start with a clean floor. We begin with removing any grease stains that may already exist. Along with that, if the epoxy is being applied on a garage floor, we want to use sand paper to remove any rubber that car tires may have left behind. We then vacuum up any debris that is still around prior to a full power wash of the floor.

-Once the floor is clean, we then etch the floor with wire brushes and grind it down to give the surface a texture that will help the Epoxy to adhere well. During this time, we also are going to fill any hairline cracks with a Polyurethane filer, which will mask the cracks and any chips that previously existed, and will also create a smooth, uniform finish when the rest of the floor has been completely covered with Epoxy.

-After the prep work has been completed, we then vacuum one more time to get any remaining dust.

-Finally we are able to apply the Epoxy coating and vinyl flakes. The vinyl flakes are what give the floor the stone look, but they also increase the strength and durability of the coating.

-After we apply a solid amount of epoxy and vinyl flakes, we remove any excess flakes, and scrape off any flakes that may be resting at an angle. Doing this will help to create a smooth surface for the last step to the process.

-The final step is to seal the floor. We use a clear coat sealant that will provide the final level of durability, while still allowing the natural color of the Epoxy and flakes to shine bright. Once the top coat has been applied, you will want to wait at least 24 hours before walking on the surface, and a total of 96 hours (4 days) before you can drive a vehicle on the floor. After the four days are up, the floor is ready for just about anything you can throw its way! If your floor could use an upgrade, give us a call today at (480) 721-0749!