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We have been preforming commercial concrete coating for years, someone even say we are Arizona's premiere commercial concrete coating service. If you need concrete coating, durable epoxy floors, custom floor designs or stencils, we've got you covered. The Hubb Co is a company you can trust.

Phoneix commercial concrete coating market is highly competitive. A lot of people are hiring companies to install a concrete coating finish to their floors, garage floors as well as other areas in their business.
Some people find it challenging to choose the right local concrete coating company. We highly advise that you pick a trusted, reliable, and experienced supplier. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up with a half-baked job, an overpriced quote or a poor quality service.
​If you want to avoid all these problems, The Hubb Co is the best choice you have. We only provide the highest-quality for your flooring needs. If you are working on a specific budget, we can offer you the best options and practical solutions to fit your needs without sacrificing the quality of our service. We offer both quality and affordability to our clients.
We take pride in providing high quality commercial concrete services. We specialize in epoxy floor coatings. We cover anything from small office spaces to full industrial size warehouses. The reason most businesses consider using epoxy floor coatings come down to three things. ● Primary: is to create a safe working environment. Having safety lines or restricted areas visible to your employees. Keep up with your marking will Helps prevent future injuries. ● Secondary: is to help preserve the concrete and prevent repetitive maintenance. We understand production and business flow is key for your businesses success. Continues maintenance could keep areas of your business out of commission until repaired. ● Tertiary: is time. Time is money and when the epoxy is properly applied, you will be able to focus all of your attention on your business and not concrete issues. We take pride in our preparation before applying any coats.
We begin by grinding the concrete down to bare concrete. Once we remove all coatings, we denature alcohol the entire floor to help eliminate any kind of dust or dirt. This step is key to ensure proper bonding when applying the epoxy to the concrete. The next step would be to coat the floor in your desired color. The product we use is a two part epoxy from Sherwin-Williams. There are options for decorative flakes if desired. If you do choose to go with the decorative flakes we will have to apply a clear coat over the flakes for protection. Most epoxy floor coatings last 15+ years with minimal to no maintenance necessary. If you are looking for a concrete coating that will help you stress less and last longer, this is what we would recommend for you.

With The Hubb Co., you can feel confident that your epoxy flooring idea will be brought to life by a team of experts who use only highest-quality paints and materials to ensure a beautiful finish. Contact The Hubb Co. today to begin discussing your epoxy flooring needs with our trusted team of painting experts.

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1. Schedule a FREE Consultation2. Select color palette3. Prep all services for coating4. Epoxy Application 5. Final walkthrough

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